‘ROCK’ stands for Reaching Out to Children through Knowledge’. ROCK Fund was set up as a charitable trust by a group of professionals in July 2001. Armed with the compelling desire to alleviate the miserable circumstances of lesser-privileged girls in Karnataka, ROCK Fund’s founding partners identified the most powerful tool that would bring about lasting change – Education. Today, ROCK Fund supports seven schools in Karnataka – influencing the lives of more than 100 girls.

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ROCK Fund is supported by Wipro through "Wipro Cares" community initiative. www.wipro.org/community/education.htm and Rinac India Ltd www.rinac.com

Why ROCK Fund?

Have you ever wondered what the life of a young girl in India is like? If lucky, she belongs to that privileged population where her childhood is full of tender dreams, naughty school escapades, and days replete with laughter and games. She aspires to be a doctor...

How ROCK Works?

ROCK realizes that a problem, especially a societal one, cannot be tackled in isolation. It needs to be approached in its entirety – by garnering the participation and support of all those who fall into its circle of influence. Read about ROCK’s professional approach ...

Join Us Today!

Your support, though it is small, makes a world of difference to these young girls. Whether it extends to sponsor their education, or simply spread the word about ROCK's activities; it makes a difference in their lives. It is deeply felt and appreciated by these children.